Get the quote are independent mortgage advisers within Lancashire. As we are Mortgage advisers Burnley, Mortgage advisers Blackburn and mortgage advisers Lancashire we are able to give the best advice when you are looking to take out a mortgage, this advice can include the type of mortgage to choose and what company to go with. We are very experienced in this industry so you can be sure to trust us with these life changing decisions.

Different types of mortgages available with different companies

Fixed rate mortgages

A fixed rate mortgage is all about stability, and with this type of mortgage the interest rate is the same for a set period of time. This means every month this set amount that you agree till will remain the same and not change.

Tracker mortgage

A tracker mortgage could be the answer to your mortgage type, this is a variable rate mortgage and the interest rate tracks the bank of England base rate at a set margin for example 1% above or below it. These tracker mortgage deals can last as long or as little as you want.

Discount mortgage

A discount mortgage means that your rate will always remain lower than your lenders standard valuable rate for the length of the deal, after which the rate charged will rise.

Standard Variable Rate Mortgage

This is the most basic lending type, and will usually be a better rate than the bank of England offer for the lender to make a bit of a profit.

Looking at all of the alternatives it is not easy to choose the right lending method to go for, that’s where we can come in and help you get the best deal for what you are looking for, it is always important to shop around for the best deal, especially with something so big as a mortgage.

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